We made Aymta SCUD early warning system open source now :)

let’s make it better!


Is an early warning Software against ballistic missiles (SCUD) Aymta is an open
source application because we believe that there are people like us in somewhere
in the world that they are oppressed like us or they will be.
Aymta calculates the time that the missile needs to reach its target which is
determined by experts activists can witness the SCUD by eyes.
Target’s locations are analyzed according to the missile by the place that
rocket launched from , type of the missile , geographical location.
After adding an attack record to the system, the SCUD appears on the information
map “live” showing where the rocket is moving now.

The application developed by a Tech for freedom group , https://www.facebook.com/tech4freedom,
in corporate with media groups on the ground .

Aymta depends on commercial technology to send warning SMS , also Aymta sends warning Email
when the activists add Scud attack to the systems , Aymta sends SMS messages and emails to
the registered people at the targeted cities.

Scud needs between 8 to 13 minutes to reach Aleppo from the Kalamoon , and this is enough
for the descent of the population at the targeted areas to go out to streets or shelters
, majority of the losses cused by the collapsing of the buildings.



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One thought on “We made Aymta SCUD early warning system open source now :)

  • Does is matter? says:

    This is cool! I already cloned the source 🙂 Will be taking a better look at it soon. Thanks.

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